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Pachika Meditations

Our intention is to teach techniques and tools that help to relax the mind, reduce stress, connect with the heart, and that bring a feeling-good effect in life.

Pachika Meditation is a non-profit organization that offers variety of classes using meditation and mindfulness as the main method of teaching. Our classes empower the student to access personal strength and make real changes in life.

We are dedicated to helping people to find happiness and fulfillment. Our Mindful Shelter & School Project offers 

teachers and students in the NWA Community free classes to learn how to apply life-changing techniques and transform their lives. We want children to learn to cultivate inner peace, balance, and emotional skills to overcome trauma. The goal is to provide 300 hours of free meditation sessions to children in 2017. 

Thank you for visiting our page. Please contact us if you want to learn more about our classes. We value your support!


Pachika Meditations

Non-profit Organization serving Northwest Arkansas since 2014